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What is quilt batting?
Sometimes known as wadding, quilt batting is the stuff that acts as a layer of insulation between your fabric. Batting is what makes your quilt feel warm, soft and gives it weight. Quilt batting is manufactured from a variety of material, the most common batting is cotton, wool, or polyester. The most recent quilt batting is made from bamboo fibers.

What quilt batting do you need, and how do you choose the right batting for your new quilt.
Choosing the right size quilt batting is important, let us help you figure out what quilt batting you need to buy. The middle layer of your quilt can be stuffed with natural cotton or synthetic, each have some characteristics for your quilt. As you browse our quilt batting will we try to give you as much information about what each batting will do for your quilt.

What types of Quilt Batting do you have available here?
We have quilters dream batting here. There are a variety of types to choose from, here is a handy list that will help explain the types you can buy.

Cotton batting - this is nice and soft because it is made from all natural fiibers. 100% cotton batting is usually 1/8" thick.
Polyester batting - This batting is a little sitter but will hold it's shape, you might want to use this in a quilt for a babies crib.
Wool - quilt batting made from wool is a nice way to have a warm and soft quilt. This lightweight material is also resistant to creasing.
Cotton/Poly - A blend that will give you both the softness of cotton and slightly more loft then cotton alone.